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The Apostle Paul encouraged his young understudy Timothy to follow in his ways, to do the things he did and to be like him.

We have all at times been encouraged and inspired by the lives of Christians, past and present, who have tapped into and accepted the grace from God to live exceptional lives for Jesus and for others. Three examples of such individuals are:

E. Fuller Torrey, M.D.
is a research psychiatrist specializing in schizophrenia and manic-depressive illness. He is president of the Treatment Advocacy Center and Executive Director of the Stanley Medical Research Institute, which support research on schizophrenia and manic-depressive illness. His work at the Stanley Medical Research Institute includes participating in ongoing collaborative research on viruses as a cause of these diseases. He also is a Professor of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Dom. Hélder
during all his life, had as light to follow the fight in defence of those less favoured one, of those excluded, of those forgotten. He acted, not only with his words, but also with concrete actions through organisms that he founded, projects that he executed, campaigns that he promoted.

He was accused of being protectionist, but how not to be it, when seeing his people in poverty, suffering of one of the largest and more humiliating privations that a human being can suffer: lacks of food.

Certainly, if more people had this “protectionist” thought, the hunger situation and poverty in the world would have today a different reality.

His concern didn’t stop thereabout, and contradicting those that accused him of being protectionist, he always looked for different and effective forms of becoming aware the people of their situation, of their duties, but also of their rights, their powers to decide with relationship to their lives, while free people, and to collect of whom should be collected, while citizens, in a search of a world socially fair.

Difficult to summarise and even gathering everything that Dom. Hélder Câmara has done in his whole life.

We tried, in a brief way, to tell you a little, with the promise of always be bringing new things, unpublished, regarding this man’s called Dom. Hélder life.

Jean Vanier
is the son of the late Governor General of Canada. He served in both the British and the Canadian Royal Navies, and in 1950 left the navy to study and teach philosophy in Paris, France. There, through his friendship with a Dominican priest, Father Thomas Philippe, he became aware of the plight of thousands of people institutionalized with mental disabilities. Jean felt God’s call to do something about it, and invited two men to leave the institutions where they were living and share their lives with him in a real home. That simple act was the beginning of an international movement called L’Arche—French for “The Ark”—a network of more than 100 faith-based communities in 30 countries. At L’Arche, men and women with mental disabilities live together with their care givers in loving and spirit-filled homes. Jean Vanier was a friend and mentor of the late Fr. Henri Nouwen, a frequent guest on this program. He’s written more than 20 books, including Our Journey Home and Becoming Human. Jean travels widely, lecturing and leading retreats, and continues to make his home at the original L’Arche community in France.

Thomas a Kempis
a great devotional writer of the 15th century, wrote that when we encounter such wonderful lives, rather than feeling discouraged through comparison, we should be excited at what is possible, and be encouraged and inspired to reach out for even more of God’s grace than we had before.

Here, in this section of the website, we want to make available the accounts of some of God’s wonderful servants whose stories have touched and blessed and inspired us. As you read these amazing biographies of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through the grace and power of God, allow the Lord to encourage and inspire you.