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Collection on Homelessness

Judy Jones

‘lets get the the bad people for god’s sake’
by judy jones

saw notice on tv
advising us
‘to get the bad people’
and report them to police

in this neighborhood
only ‘bad people’
are those allowing
men women and children
to die on concrete streets
with no shelter food and medical care

when we go home to god
will the ‘real reporting’ be

did you take me in when I was homeless
did you feed me when I was hungry
did you find me medical aid when
I needed it
did you hold me tightly to your breast
so I didn’t have to die alone?

‘someday I won’t hear’
by judy jones

someday I wont hear
homeless people
pushing grocery carts
down the streets
and rummaging thru
garbage cans

someday I wont hear
their shrieks and moans
in the darkest nites
driving me insane
soakin in my every pore

yes someday ill be free
when every man woman and child
has a home
and no one dies hungry sick and alone
on cold concrete streets

and dat day is comin so soon
yeah baby dat day aint too far way
its a comin so soon

‘may I never be’
by judy jones

may I never be
so removed
as not to see
the homeless old woman
sleeping on the street

may I never
get so comfortable
I forget those dying
all alone
with no home

may my ears
always hear
the silent tears
moans and groans
of those living
in wretched poverty

I fall on my knees
asking god to please
guide me to do thy will
for those suffering most
all over earths shores

c jj 2005