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Gentle Arnie

Jacques…Options Bytown Ottawa

Arnold Mackinnon Memorial

We are here today to celebrate the life of Arnold Mackinnon who most of you will remember as a long time roommate of his good friend John Webb.

Arnie, as he was affectionately reffered to, grew up in Ottawa and was trained as a draftsman and worked for the Federal Government.

Like most of us Arnie had weaknesses that led him astray and caused him hardship throughout his life.
One of his favourite sayings was ” I’m a Draftsman but then I got drafting bottles.”

He had many jobs throughout his life including picking tobacco in southern Ontario which was probably a reflection of his love for travel. This led him to crisscross Canada numerous times giving his three sisters great concern for his safety and whereabouts.

When we reflect back on Arnold’s life and try to come up with words that accurately portray the kind of individual he was, the words ” Gentle Soul” come to mind almost immediately.

Arnie loved people. He had no idea what the word “Hate” was…..even if someone had cause him great harm, he would always forgive them. This love extended to animals as well as people and there would always be something left on Arnie’s plate after a meal that he would share with the many cats in his apartment.

Arnie was easily distracted by the moment. On his 60th birthday, a big party had been set up on the 5th floor with balloons and all the trimmings. He had just received a hundred dollars from his sisters and he had taken off up town for a while. He never showed up at his own birthday party. He had encountered some friends up town and stayed with them for a few drinks. His roommate issued a missing persons report the next morning but twenty minutes later Arnie walked in with a grin from ear to ear…totally unaware at the consternation he had caused.

In his last weeks he was surrounded by those who loved him. His three sister Beverly, Elaine and Diane drove him around the city to visit some of the sites he hadn’t seen in a while They made sure that he had a comfortable place in his last days and showed him how much they appreciated their only brother.

Arnie leaves behind his three sisters as well as a daughter Linda and his many friends at Options Bytown.

We will all miss his gentle nature.