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How I Spent Christmas


The sun shone brightly and the air was crisp.

We drove around to rooming houses to pick up street folks who might want to attend our morning church service and other than a complaint that communion wine is triggering for a recovering alcoholic, we all enjoyed the joyous service.

Every year St Georges Anglican church serves a wonderful christmas meal and provides warmth and entertainment for those who would otherwise be alone.

Though the media often showcases restauranteurs or service clubs who serve free meals on the 25th ,on the streets the word is that St Georges is the safest place to be and so here gather those who are alone, afraid and those living rough on our city streets .

After interacting with many of our street friends,laughing at jokes and listening to stories of lonliness, after time soothing and blessing we set out to visit shutins at nearby rooming houses.

We stopped at this notorious crack house where we were given a riotous warm greeting by many familiar intoxicated revelers, most of whom are living and dying of hepatitis C and HIV/Aids.

After Christmas greetings and after forming a weaving sacred circle and pronouncing Gods grace and blessing on these folks I get back to my car smelling like a putrified ashtray. Much to my dismay I see that I locked my keys in the car.

My whole body groans. Not today.. its Christmas, not only is my key locked in the car but so is my spare key.

So I sheepishly go back to the house and yell out,”Its susan here… is there anyone here who can break into my car I locked my keys inside…..”

About four guys come running out and say “i can…i can”.

So I ask, “how many of you have experience and can break in without breaking a window”?

Well now I am down to two guys and the contest is on,

each one advising the other on the most perfect technique.

In less than a minute Joe gets the car door open with a long thin piece of wire.

So I gave him a big hug of thanks then I cuffed him upside the head and in a tongue in cheek way I sternly told him never to break into a car again. His friends all let out a big belly laugh.

Guess its like riding a bicycle, a skill not easily forgotten.

I also laughed in a sad way…shaking my head.