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Meditation Information

There is a spiritual dimension in every human experience. All of life is filled with God’s presence. So remind yourself that God is present as you ponder on these meditations. Do not worry about distractions. God’s Spirit blows like the wind, so be flexible in drinking in the deeper meanings of some of these words.

Are you willing to widen your vision? Are you open to seeing God in new ways? Are you open to being changed from deep within your soul? And finally, are you willing to have your will strenghened to act in a way that demonstrates that you want to “love justice, do mercy and walk humbly with your God”.

The great saints and mystics knew that to know God better they had to employ all their senses and their imaginations. We must learn to listen and feel and experience Gods presence with all that we are.

May these literary gems soothe your soul and make you fall in love with Jesus all over again… even if He is disguised amoungst the poor.