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May 2015 Newsletter

2015 marks 10 years since I started Street level consulting. After serving the homeless community in Ottawa for 20 some years I found my way to Calgary after having a life long love for the mountains.

Since the early 1980s I have used my life experiences, and my education to bring the sort of compassionate and skilled care that I myself needed when I was broken as a result of homelessness and poverty in my teen years. Over the years I have learnt more from those living on the margins of society than from the wise and prudent. Those whose lives have been devastated by calamity, victimization and oppression, those tormented by mental illness or suffering the consequences of addiction or poor decision making have all shown me that new life can arise out of past devastation.

At present I have a private practice providing therapy to those who can pay and those who have limited income. A couple of days a week I do contract trauma counseling work with newly housed formerly unsheltered individuals- some are vets, some are addicted and some who struggle within their own mind. Everyday I engage with individuals who cant secure stable housing due to lack of housing who survive the best way they can, I learn resilience from these folks and I get to offer hope and help. Weekly I serve at a community centre serving courageous single mom’s and their beautiful children . In addition to this I love teaching on a variety of topics and mentoring and training a new generation of counsellors, front line workers and people helpers in a variety of settings.

This year I want to expand my online offerings in the form of video teachings on topics such as trauma-domestic violence -sexual exploitation prevention . Responding to traumatic responses will be–Street level Consultings first conference in Calgary. As many know we produced a film called Beyond Surviving looking at trauma informed care in the homeless community which is a resource for front line agencies serving our unsheltered community. Soon this will be available for download on this website. Another exciting project is Street level CREATE HOPE artworks which will be for sale on our Store page. Since my youth I have been an artist and will be offering jewellery and other items for sale as a fundraiser so that those who cant access professional services and have minimal funds wont be denied professional trauma counselling services. What an exciting time this is!

This is a reflective season in my life and as such I feel the need to record some of the life lessons I have learn through people I have served . As such I am working on two books. One which will be autobiographic in content and a professional book on Mother Daughter incestuous behaviour-an often overlooked topic.

Let me personally invite you to explore this information rich website and please contact me if I can be a service or resource to you

I remain respectfully yours


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