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Poverty Has A Face


Life had gone fairly well for Frank.
Mostly things had been simple and easy.

He was married to a Godly woman who was sickly, no kid’s,no formal education, but had a steady labouring job that provided a living wage.

All that changed 2 years ago when his beloved Marie died quite unexpectedly one night.
Suddenly alone and grief striken Frank slipped into a depression.

The days passed slowily…and Frank kept working though his periods of deep despair increased . He went to his family doctor who referred him to a psychiatrist who prescribed brightly coloured pills that often left him feeling listless and groggy.

Things in Franks life were mellowing out when one day he was called into his boss’s office. “The plant is shutting down…bankrupt” he said.
Twenty six years and just like that work ends with no money saved and no severance given.

“Times are scary ” Frank says “Now I live in a small room barely bigger than my bed and even though I don’t do drugs or alcohol everyone around seems to use. I try to hang onto my faith.I get moral support whenever i go to church but not financial
help. Welfare gives me money to help me out but there is too much month left at the end of my cheque. I cant find a job…they tell me I am too old and don’t have enough skill’s. My emotional health is failing …guess I don’t eat right or something…I volunteer at the church shovelling snow and they give me a food voucher sometimes.”

Frank’s story is not unusual to the ones we often hear at OIM.
One of his blessing’s is that he has found shelter [such as it is,]and he has a small faith in a big God. Now Frank need’s to discover that his life still has meaning and that God is not finished with him yet.

OIM as an extension of the church, has provided a consistant community where Frank is accepted and where he can be encouraged to pursue the life affirming elements of his journey.