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Susan Brandt

Street Level Consulting

I am Susan Brandt and have served as a nurse , counselor and pastoral care giver in our community for over 30 years.

All of us have been impacted by someone near or far who has suffered with trauma, addiction and psychological distress. Perhaps your life has been affected or you work in the healing and social service community and you support others who suffer.

Many suffer in silence and cannot access professional help due to the exorbitant costs involved in paying for counseling. It’s an unspoken, and under served wound in the soul of our cities. When the window of healing opens up the individual needs to be able to reach out to someone who has the training and heart to journey alongside.

If you care about your community, and about people, welcome! You are in the right place.

I do outreach into a local veterans building offering PTSD counseling with soldiers home from the war. In another building I serve formerly homeless folks who struggle with memories of residential school, childhood sexual abuse and violence. For 11 years I have served on the sexual assault team doing psycho social assessments. In addition I facilitate support groups for single moms and have a separate private practice specializing in general counseling and assisting those specifically who want to exit prostitution and homelessness.

I have assisted most shelters in Ottawa and Calgary with staff training, program development and service.

Many times individuals in substance abuse recovery need adjunct counseling to be set free from traumatic roots. Many have found new life and great ambition for a healthier future.

Normally the waiting list for low cost professional therapy care in our community is a very long process and is strictly time limited.

I know my stuff I have been well trained. I have my own story and I personally know about trauma and addiction.