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Treatment Centre Tales


Anecdotal stories #1

He arrived seriously ill with alcohol related health problems: seizuring, ascites, esophaelgeal varices, jaundice etc etc He had almost died in hospital and was so afraid we would not accept his cry for help. Mike knew he would die if his life style didn’t change. His first b month was spent recovering and gaining physical emotional and spiritual strength. He slowly then diligently pursued recovery and seriously followed every suggestion. He went deep to his roots to let go of resentments and he gained tools to prevent relapse. In all things he called on Gods help. Last week he graduated to move to stable housing and to a new job with a whole community of sober support .what an inspiration of hope.

Anecdotal stories #2

The phone call was simple. After 2 relapses Joe was asking to once again enter treatment. “This time I have really hit my bottom “he said. In 1 month he had lost all financial resources and material possessions and existed behind the liquor store where he witnessed brutal violence as he smoked crack cocaine. “What makes you think another round of treatment will help” I asked. ‘Because this time I see how lost I truly am’ was his reply.

Joe has been back in treatment for a month now and is amazed that we prayed for him each day during devotions and hadn’t given up on him. Working diligently Joe is firm in his conviction that there is not another recovery in him and this is his chance at sobriety.

Yesterday he came to me and asked me what I meant when I welcomed him as our prodigal son. I read to him the parable of the prodigal son and he related to the fact that he was lost and now he is found, he was blind and now he sees.

Today I received my medal for 31 years clean and sober time and I received a card from Joe signed ‘from your prodigal son.’

Anecdotal stories #3

-Joe a former grad came to visit me and thank me

-when he first arrived in program he came from a group home diagnosed as FASD and unable to live independently

-his family felt he would never achieve much or live on his own

-he completed 6 months of our program and today as live independently 3 months with great success

-he is involved with aa and social clubs [church] and he has a job

-he is managing his own money for the first time in his life

-mostly importantly he says “I came to you a troubled boy now I am a stable man”

Anecdotal stories #4

JOE came to us right out of hospital where he had attempted suicide. After a 25 year history of anxiety disorder and substance abuse he now was at the end of his rope. In those early days he suffered constant panic attacks and was extremely emotionally fragile. The Beck inventory, an industry approved test for depression scored him at 33 in other wards severe clinical depression. He felt life was hopeless and he acted like he was helpless but this was not the truth. Slowly he began to gain sobriety and clarity of thinking and began to emerge as if from a coma. Never religious, questions turned towards faith issues and in a potent moment he surrendered his heart to the care of Jesus. Now there was no turning back. He continues in treatment and yesterday filled out his Beck inventory and his score is 6. Normal.

Anecdotal stories #5

-Joe came into treatment angry at God who he said “killed his brother in front of him”

at age 10 he and brother were crossing the street on there first alcoholic binge and brother was hit by a car fatally

in and out of treatment Joe was hardened and unsure this time would make a difference

but he surprised himself-he was open to look at issues and he saw some of his peers get baptized into new faith in Christ and one day inn session called out to God and received Jesus into hs heart-did well got a sponsor loved his meetings

one day his mom calls me Joes alcoholic sister is dad a car crash while intoxicated-warren broke down and cried then turned to me saying “Susan I am not going to drink and I am not blaming God’

we helped him with the funeral and everyone offered support.Joes stayed committed and is now stronger than ever to turn away from the drug that consumed his 2 siblings